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The Fact Shop is a unique, quirky store with our favorite facts on clothing items. We have also started up a fashion blog to aid our knowledge in many areas of fashion & design. Our t-shirts and other clothing has been shipped all over the world! We’re continuing to add more designs, and a larger range of products – not all clothing.

Our Mission

We want to be the best online source for any facts related product. Currently we’re only selling our own clothing brand, however in the future we plan to expand this to a whole range of products, including education TV shows, books, gifts, gadgets and so much more!

We aim to have our own brand of clothing available on various platforms including Etsy, Red Bubble & Amazon. But for now, we want #FACT clothing to be exclusive to The Fact Shop.


  • Name: The Fact Shop

  • Founded: February 2016

  • Founder: Luke Ward
  • Headquaters: Sheffield, UK

  • Parent Company: The Fact Network


Our History

The Fact Shop started on 29th February 2016, we launched with only 5 t-shirt designs available for men and women. Since then, we’ve expanded our products to tank tops & children’s t-shirts. We now have over 20 designs and this number won’t stop growing.

Later in 2016, we launched our fashion blog, providing fashion tips for both men and women, as well as interesting facts about fashion & clothing brands.

Early 2017, we had a set back where the clothing company we was using went bankrupt and no longer supplied us with the clothing we needed. We decided to put The Fact Shop on hold until the issues were resolved. Later that year, we switched our clothing to Bella & Canvas, who not only are more reliable, but also better quality – at better prices.

By February 2018, The Fact Shop was in full swing again, with regular blog updates, new products, new designs and a better website design.

Our Community

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