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Luke Ward
Luke Ward

I’m a passionate, professional blogger with over 9 years experience in WordPress, SEO, Web Design, Factual Researching and Internet Wizardry. I was born in England in 1991 & I’ve always enjoyed fascinating people with random knowledge! Oh yeah, I’m also the guy that created The Fact Site & The Fact Shop.

Back in 2009, there wasn’t a whole bunch of factual sites available, so I created The Fact Site so that nobody else will ever have a struggle on finding bizarre & interesting facts.

Since the start, my knowledge of everything useless has grown a lot (probably too much) and I’ve had to keep sharing with you all! What started as a small site where I shared my knowledge, soon grew to the point where I wanted others to share theirs.

In early 2012, I found some talented writers who had different areas of expertise & asked them to join The Fact Site team. My aim was to give a range of facts in all areas – not just topics that interest me.

In 2014, I landed a SEO/PPC Executive job for an online video games retailer, where I continued to learn about all aspects of SEO, as well as eCommerce and Pay Per Click advertising. This gave me the extra motivation & knowledge needed to improve The Fact Site even further.

In 2015, a re-brand happened in preparation my newest adventure – The Fact Shop. With months of development (whilst holding a full time job), The Fact Shop was launched in February 2016.

If you would like to know more, I’m quite active online, so feel free to add me on what ever social networks you prefer! I’m also available for interviews at any time, please get in touch over at the Contact Page & we can arrange a suitable time for us.


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